The Abused

by Black Clothes

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The janitor was a shy man, he kept to himself and lived a peaceful life. Until they took from him the only thing he had ever loved...


released May 19, 2016

Written by Colton Bennett
Album artwork by Mason Starkey



all rights reserved


Black Clothes Vancouver, British Columbia

Music by Colton Bennett

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Track Name: Carnage and Neon
There was no reason to believe that the quiet janitor was capable of such carnage. The neon lit street now covered in gore. No one is safe.
Track Name: Acceptance
Acceptance of these suppressed emotions. Erupting, gushing forth. Blood soaked and shivering. He had never felt at home. Until now.
Track Name: Childhood
The seed of every killer is planted in the soil of pain and neglect, the janitors childhood was no different. If they had known they would still be alive.
Track Name: Terror Sleeps
There was only one thing the janitor had ever loved, It was a cat he had rescued from the high school dumpster the first year he had started working. The students broke in and stole this cat. They skewered it upon a sharp wooden stake and lit it on fire at the far end of the football field. The janitor watches from a distance, he is frozen. The man he was now gone forever. They will pay, but for now, terror sleeps.
Track Name: The Mask (Birth)
This face of pain, delicately sewn. Born in hatred. In their final moments they will witness the mask.
Track Name: Alone
Now the killing will begin, with brutal and unrelenting force they will all be dealt with. They will all die and they will all die alone.
Track Name: Discovery
The jock never expected him to take it this far, his best friends head was found stuffed in the mailbox with his eyes gouged out. It was a horrifying discovery...
Track Name: Family
She had only ever meant to be kind to the poor janitor, her boyfriend was a jealous jock who felt it necessary to take him down a peg. Now they are all gone, brutally murdered, tortured and dismembered. When the janitor came for her there was no other option. They found her screaming, crouched beside a masked man, she was screaming through her blood soaked hair "HE HAD NO FAMILY!'
Track Name: The Abused
The abused never die, their sleep is restless. The janitors body bag was found empty at the morgue. The abused never die.