I Long to Breathe Easy

by Black Clothes

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lurtz1598 Got here through Angelmaker's facebook forever ago. Didn't know I'd be getting into an experimental solo sort of thing but I dig this entire project. It's nice to see something that feels this personable. Favorite's hard to pick. Either Memories Part II or Arrogance. Favorite track: Memories Part II.
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released May 24, 2015

Album artwork by Hayley Dawn Muir. Music by Colton Bennett.
Thank you Jesse, Cam, and Mike for being beautiful.



all rights reserved


Black Clothes Vancouver, British Columbia

Music by Colton Bennett

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Track Name: Memories Part II
Trapped in this body, ghostly thoughts creeping in
fog of uncertainty, thick and blinding
memories surface
scars of frost plague my skin
time is a gift, the sun strikes my face
all is peaceful, all is peaceful
Track Name: Arrogance ft. Mike Greenwood
Arrogant pig, you are a product of failure
arrogant pig, you are a threat to nature.
save the earth
do not reproduce
grab a chair
I'll tie your noose.
Track Name: The Enchiridion ft. Cameron Wallace
Glowing eyes dance, commanding, penetrating thoughts, sanity relinquished.

The enchiridion call, weekend minds will fall, there will be no mercy, there will be no light, an army will sail until all is night.

Atop a mountain of radiating green fire, the king will rest on a throne of skull and bones, the king will rest in skull and bones. The land will melt into oblivion and all will fear the Enchiridion.
Track Name: Raped in a Church ft. Jesse Price
Frail are your ideas they crack and fall to dust. Your narrow mind and twisted views on someone else's lust.

Raped in a church, the purest form of irony . Swallow the seed that spawned your flawed mentality.

Raaaaaped in a chuuuuuuurch
Track Name: Canvas of Death
Shard of glass, delicately wrapped in cloth
blood and snow, canvas of death
scaring my memories, I'm out of breathe
crimson splatter paints the stark white surface
oh the beauty, the joyous silence
blood and snow, canvas of death
you make me lose my breathe.
Track Name: Wither
In a dark wood I sit alone
Shadow and mist compose my throne
The fog is thick, there's no way through
Lost in memories I can't undo

a tear runs from my eye
your memory makes me cry

In a dark wood I sit alone
Waking dreams will take me home
Where my family is the sunshine, infinite and true. I should never have gotten lost looking for you.

Throbbing and aching, my heart weighs heavy, I long to breath easy, I long to rid my chest of this burden. How long before you die in my heart? Wither away and fall to the ground like the petals of a forgotten flower.